One year my love

“This November will be our 1st year together. I hope you can make time for us to do some couple shots. It’s my gift for her which I think she will truly love.”

I have been getting requests directly from the guys, instead of girls a lot lately. When Darren contacted me for a couple portrait session last year, they mentioned that they didn’t want it to be too cheesy (not like a married couple). All they wanted was just some nice portraits of them which are memorable and also their first year celebration being together as a couple. I tried. But it is a little difficult for me to make them not look cheesy at all as they are both so good together. We went to Sekinchan. Although some bad incidents happened like how I got sunk into a 1ft deep mud and lost my sneakers, how my jeans got soaked wet all day during the shoot, how the thunder strike when I held the umbrella in a rain right outside of the car and Darren asked me quickly get into the car saying it’s not worth to risk our lives for this haha. How we finally waited till the rain stop and managed to find a good spot right in the middle of quiet road, I put on a romantic song on my iPhone, and make them dance together and sat down facing each other with their eye closed. I don’t know, maybe it’s just things that I didn’t do with my hubby, maybe I watched too much romantic movies. I wanted every couple to have that very special moment, as if they are the only ones living in the world, when it is dark with just a little light shining through their faces. Darren whispers to her ears, probably said something and she smiled. I am not sure what did he said but it was perfect. We continued the shoot next day in an empty house, and everything went well. I am feeling thankful for Darren and his girlfriend being so understanding even after the incidents, and it is great to see such loving couple together throughout the whole shoot, I just could not resist to take some cheesy photos.

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