It was raining when Alexandra got into my car, we then drove to this place without knowing the exact location. The sky is getting darker and darker, rain still pouring and just when we are about to give up and leave, we found the place. The place is huge, and a little scary for just the 2 of us. Alexandra got all the nerves to go up higher and higher, I told her not to but she replied, “I’m Russian.” This women is fierce!  I walked behind her most of the time and the mirrors scared the sh*t out of me because of the reflections. I do love mirrors, reflections and horror movies but it’s the weather and darkness that is giving me chills in my spine. We only did a quick shoot because it gets too dark so we left for a meal nearby after that. Not bad even though it’s a short one but still able to capture some nice creepy shots.

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She’s Jane

I am feeling a lil bit odd when I first got an email from her, because we both have the same name and same sleeves tattoo – Japanese style. I talked to both Sweetee and Joyce about it, that I’m taking a few days off and needed to fly to Singapore to meet her, just to have a photo session with her and her mom. They are very supportive and said something like, “Go do it, Jane! Take some nice photos!”

So there I was, checking in the hotel right after I landed and the day before the shoot. I head on to the front desk and spoke to the lady, told her that I am checking in and let her know my name, then also mention the one whom booked the room also called Jane because it is booked under her credit card. I think she got stunned a bit, surprise a little, cheekily smiling alone there for a moment while doing all the documents, then pass me the room key. (I’m like.. why is she smiling alone?) Then she said.. her name is Jane too! I’m like.. whaaat. How strangely odd is this? To meet three Janes in a row?  Haha. I’m guessing this should be my lucky day! Who knew this would happen if I never chose to come right? This is so awesome :D

The next morning, we all have an early shoot at the park outside the hotel, then came back to the hotel room. Jane’s mom and aunt quickly fell asleep on the bed while Jane and I had to do what it has to be done. Since we don’t really have a choice to go anywhere else except to have the portrait taken in the room’s bathroom. Not really too spacious but luckily the bathroom is brightly lit with natural sunlight and.. I love mirrors! They are like the best reflection elements and a very nice bath tub too. These shots were taken on the earlier September last year, and it is great to know someone new like Jane who is from Sg. Thank you Jane!

I am hoping to expand my photography which is why I am going to Melbourne in the October and I am opening to 3 couples to have their pre-wedding photos taken there! However this round I am looking forward for a different type of wedding projects up in the mountains or woods, or a flower field somewhere along the road aka the Kinfolk style. If you like nature then this should be it, cause I won’t be doing the typical type wedding style in only tourist spots so please keep in touch with me soonest possible! For the rates please check the promo page. Vendors and models that are keen to collaborate please drop me an email.

That’s it, I will try to update more often here and seeing today is a holiday….Happy holidays!

1-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 2-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 3-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 4-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 5-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 6-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 7-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 8-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 9-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 10-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 11-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 12-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 14-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia 15-hellojanelee-jane-singapore-portrait-wedding-photographer-malaysia