I have been wanting to write about this a long time ago, since I am having a lil extra time now so I’m going to do a quick one!

So why hellojanelee? I didn’t want it to sound too high tech or geeky somehow. I was looking for something really raw, personal, easy to remember and very straight forward so I just use my own name instead. I even tried to register janelee for the domain but it was taken, and also found out another female photographer who has the exactly same first and surname as mine (proves that my name is so common) so conclusion, add hello in front :p

Anyway this post is actually about my new name card! (err.. not really that new anymore right now) I love them so, so much! I would just give to everyone when I meet anyone new hehe. Thank god I met Sweetee! She works for KBF but she also does some part time stuff like designing my name card :) I already had the idea of the logo so I just briefly told her bout it. She then drew the logo by hand and kinda scan it into a file and tweak it in UI. She’s super and very easy to work with! Thank you so much Sweetee! If any of you needed help in logos and drawing, look for her. Then! As for printing, Nicholas once gave me his company’s name card and I like it and ask for his printer’s contact, which brings me to Willie from Richtag, thanks Nicholas! I met up with Willie quickly after and mentioned to him about my love for letter press and very raw material to suit the logo. After a few weeks, he drove to my house and personally hand passed me the final product. How nice! So here they are, my logo in a proper card. And this, my friend, is also one of the highlights from last year, so blessed!

Lucas and Su Venn

Happy New Year!

This will be the official first post of the year and an update from me hehe. Well it’s been a crazy 2014,  lots of nice things happened last year without expecting it and I remembered reading my astrology for last year that it’s going to be a bad year for all the rats but hey, who said so huh? I did had an amazing year! I am not going to go through every details of what happened but then I’m just gonna thank all the good blessings :)

From Penang, Su Venn and Lucas contacted me 2 months before their actual wedding which is on the new year (yes, 1/1/2015!) that they wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot in KL. Checking on my schedule and speaking with Su Venn on the phone, I remember asking her why so last minute, she laughed and just said cause her friends are all having nice photos so she decided to have her own version too. Haha! Well, I am actually feeling honoured to be able to capture them who came all the way for a shoot. Thank you for putting all your trust in me throughout the shoot and as a photographer, it is absolutely important for me to ensure couples to have a comfortable shoot so that I can capture the real moments. Lastly and again, congratulations to the newly weds and a special pair, may you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share! Ps. Those pink peonies are real :p

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