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So I finally made up my mind that life isn’t going to just wait for me any longer so I drove to Ikea and got the frames that day. Yes, I have been so wrong for being unhealthy and put everything in pending and slow mode. Forgetting eventually. Jane NO! You can’t be like that and it’s not good for you! Okay, they are up on the walls of Ode Art Cafe (Gotta Like their page, u know.) In fact, I was just there this morning to take these photos and drank my favourite Cassie’s Mocha. (It’s just Mocha, by Cassie) The frames are looking for new owners too but I don’t really expect to make a profit out of it except it does has the power to push me to create more new images. Ideas.. I need more ideas…

ode art cafe – 112, first floor, jalan ss15/4b, subang jaya (above Watsons)

3-hellojanelee-ode-art-cafe-subang 5-hellojanelee-ode-art-cafe-subang 1-hellojanelee-ode-art-cafe-subang 4-hellojanelee-ode-art-cafe-subang 2-hellojanelee-ode-art-cafe-subang