Travelling and visiting every corner in the world is perhaps my next loved hobby. If you and your partner are keen on exploring different spots, fulfilling your inner wanderlust in your photos, let's start a conversation! Furnish me with details such as location and date, and I will get back to you with further details.


Engagement and Pre-wedding

Engagements and pre-weds are something spectacular. The intimacy and involvement allows me to witness every couple's story and translate them into something forever, in photographs and prints. To plan an engagement shoot, let's discuss and plan in advance to achieve the look and feel of your vision.



I'd love to document your big day in a creative yet sensible way. A picture tells a million stories, and I hope that thru my photographs, emotions are all captured beautifully so maybe in ten years time, it'll still spark memories that will never easily fade. Let's speak together, it'll help me in understanding your wedding better, and plan earlier so nothing is missed.



I love the touch and smell of quality and playing with fine details when it comes to packaging. Before this I was giving out disks and plastic containers to my clients, even with those I tried to beautify them even more using the materials that I love. And then now, I am finally using something even more personal, a customised USB thumb drive. I hope you see what I love, even how I wrapped them carefully and then I pray that they reach in your hands safe in one piece.

As for photo quantities, I don’t really work with that. I will give you whatever quantities I think that is nice and yeah, no additional hidden charge or fixed poses. This came to me weird because there is no point for me taking photos if they were not meant to be printed. I don’t seem to like the idea of printing the photos on a book instead the traditional method so guess I will be visiting the film shop more often now.


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