Hello there. I'm Jane.

I am a fiery creative mind. I express my love for all that is alive through photography, journaling, plant art and working with humans in various ways.

What drives me is the desire to tell the story of how beautiful this life is in different and unique ways. I have been a wedding photographer for almost a decade, and I have witnessed numerous love stories that have repeatedly opened and melted my heart. My photographs are all about the organic, intangible moments that mostly attract non-traditional & creative individuals who share an appreciation for interesting surroundings, laughter and quiet moments.

Since the world is changing and traveling is not as easy as it used to be, I have used this time to dive deeper and share my passions and knowledge based on experience with the world - plant art and journaling.

For me, plant art is taking care of plants in a loving and nurturing way. I have been organizing workshops and sharing videos and tips on this topic since I own 100+ home plants that (I believe) live a content life.

I also offer workshops in creative journaling, which is a beautiful way to stay up to date with your inner world and at the same time build memories of what matters.

If you want to bring some color and life into your life or capture it in a vivid photograph, I am here for you. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Jane Lee

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