Prewedding Johor | Adrian + Stephanie

This is the story of Adrian and Stephanie.

There is a strong connection, a huge aura going on that inspired me and I am not sure how to explain.

It is so beautiful from the start till end, all the way in that two pure sessions. 

I want to keep shooting like that in a way I can feel and capture these raw emotions. 

I submitted one of the photo that I love very much for a contest, and I am grateful to be selected as one of the best engagement session in 2018 along with other talented photographers from all around the world by Junebug Weddings here. Thank you, this will never happen if I did not meet such a loving couple. 

I was asked to share my experience with Adrian and Stephanie by The Wedding Scoop.

This is it.

Just let your guard down and be yourself’ – I tell this to every one of my couples and expect nothing during couple sessions.

I hadn’t met Adrian and Stephanie before and I didn’t know what they would be wearing or the locations we’d be going to until the day of the shoot. I touched down at the airport in Johor, they picked me up, and we went to one of the beaches a few hours later to catch the sunset.

But there was no sun – just cloudy skies. It was very windy. Stephanie did her own makeup, but her hair was a mess due to the wind, and her wedding gown was all soaked wet and muddy. Adrian’s hair was a mess too because he used the wrong hair gel.

Couples usually freak out in situations like this, but not them. They were all cool, giggling, jumping, running around like little kids with no expectations.

I love moments like these, watching them just being themselves. That inspires me, and I managed to capture it just right when I took this photo.

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