Leia and Khairul’s Secret Wedding | Kuala Lumpur

I wanted to share many stories about couples I have met along the way. Today, I will focus on just Leia and Khairul.

Let’s go back to the first time I met both of them. I invited them to meet up in a cute, quiet, and cozy café with lots of colorful and artsy decorations. That day was special because if I had known that Leia was planning to bring her family along, I would have picked somewhere more formal instead, haha.

This situation was pretty rare. Usually, it would be just me and the couple. But this time, it felt like a serious family discussion. 

Immediately, I knew that it was an important event and that it would be super memorable for them. 

I could tell they would cherish this day, which I needed to capture perfectly.

I told them that I rarely photograph Malay weddings and might not be familiar with the procedures. Some might think this is a disadvantage for hiring me to capture the day, but guess what? One of her family members replied, “That’s good. It means it will be new for you, so it will be special.”

We all met in May 2023, almost a year ago, and I clearly remember what he said, as it left a lasting impression on me.

So, what’s the plan for the wedding? An Akad Nikah ceremony during the day with just the closest family. And then, a small, intimate reception at their home, all kept in secret. Yes, it was a SECRET WEDDING that nobody else knew about until that night when they walked out and announced they were married! Their friends and family, who thought they were just attending a regular family gathering, ended up crying tears of joy and hugging, congratulating the couple and their parents as the surprise was revealed. The shock of the announcement turned into a beautiful and unforgettable moment for everyone.

I did a photography workshop back in January this year. I thought long and hard about what to share with the participants. I didn’t want the workshop to be just theories but to focus on just one simple thing that I always care about and that matters the most for photography.

Every story has a story, and what is the message that I want to deliver? 

I am here to document the day, the wedding, the people, the family, and the couple. 

It is as simple as that.

Thanks for having me once again, Leia and Khairul. Happy almost one-year wedding anniversary.

Wedding Decor: Miedazzle

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