Cross Cultural Wedding Malaysia | Alex & Aadila | Dusun Garden Fairies

Flew in from UK, Alex and Aadila had a cross cultural and intimate wedding ceremony here in Dusun Garden Fairies, tucked away from the city. With a total of 20 friends who came from different parts of globe and family including the couple themselves, it was an absolute honour to witness a bunch of close friends all from different walks of life reuniting together for such a special occasion. It was humid and rained too before the ceremony, but obviously everything still goes on as planned. The day end with a fine Italian food and drinks, and even a special sit for myself together with a new Scottish friend I made who sat next to me. He also took my camera and went on scene like he was the photographer haha.

Thank you, I had fun on this special day and I wish them all the very best for their new life and adventure together.

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