Backyard Intimate Wedding in Sydney | Regan & Jenny | Australia

All three of us sat down for Japanese dinner and beer a day after the wedding. Yesterday was beautiful, it’s the day of Regan and Jenny’s wedding. I don’t really know much about them actually, maybe we were too busy and then we only exchanged a few emails. Usually I will find out the couple’s stories before the wedding, but this time it was after. It means that I have photographed blindly yesterday but solely only based on their emotions and most importantly, how they have made me felt. Have you ever wondered what do we really see through a photographer’s eyes? How was it? It was just simple. Nothing complicated except pure, warm, lots of love, and happiness. There were a lot of real emotions and moments. No distractions.

As I am having the second pint, or third beer I don’t even remember, I got even curious so I asked more. They have been through a lot. Ups and downs. Changing jobs and homes. The frustration of waiting. And then a surprise proposal in the desert. They showed me footages of the proposal. And then, I teared. Not like I have gotten an award, but, that is the moment I knew I have did my job well (even though I didn’t really check what photos I have taken a day after) I am so glad and thankful that I was there to soak and feel all the overwhelming emotions. 

To Regan and Jenny, thank you, for having me over yesterday. This post is months after the wedding but to me, it like yesterday again. Man, 17 years is definitely long to been through and I still wish you both continuing giving all the love, patience, forgiveness to each other and make those last as long as forever. 

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