Beautiful Akad Nikah Wedding | Kuala Lumpur

That morning was cooling and drizzly. As a matter of fact, it was raining most of the time on a New Years Day.

The bride, Alysha is just perfectly incredibly beautiful. And her mom, was so happy that day that she was tearing all the time, since morning, which I think it’s so warmly beautiful.

“Last night I was in bed with my daughter, hugging her, thinking this is the final moment to have her as my baby girl. Tomorrow she will be a wife to Azrul.”

This is one of the few words I remembered from her mom’s speech.

It is strangely beautiful to witness something like that, how the way they sparkle when they talk about the things they really love. 

How her sister would tear. Couldn’t believe this day has come. And the friends being here, just to bless them with all their hearts and happiness. 

And I love to capture that. Be there all the time, if I could. Silently.

Thank you for having me, once again. Azrul & Alysha.

And Happy Valentine’s Day.


Makeup Fiqqi Abdullah
Hair Ckay Liow
Outfit Davis Paul Lister Merah Jambu
Planner Coordinator Weddie.my 


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Mishan Wong
Mishan Wong
17:15 23 Mar 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jane Lee as my wedding photographer. What stood out the most for me was how beautifully she captured the emotions of the day in her photos. Every image was filled with genuine emotion.Jane has an eye for detail that is evident in her work. She was able to capture every detail of the venue, décor, and the little things that made the day unique.One of the things I appreciated most about working with Jane was how she made us feel at ease during the photoshoot. She gave us direction when we needed it but also allowed us to be ourselves and enjoy the moment. She captured our natural expressions and interactions beautifully, making us look and feel our best.Overall, I highly recommend Jane for any special occasion. I am so grateful for the incredible memories she captured for us and will treasure these photos for a lifetime.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee
08:28 13 Oct 22
So happy we got recommended to Jane for our wedding. She was very quick to respond, accommodating towards our requests and even offered her own suggestions based on previous experience.On the big day, Jane was punctual and was great at setting us up to take bridal shots. We were both not familiar with posing naturally for the camera and got great direction from Jane. The photos turned out to be amazing!Great memories and moments which we can now relive happily through Jane's photos. 5/5 Highly recommended!
Wan Jing Law
Wan Jing Law
01:27 12 Sep 19
Modern and romantic!We stumbled upon the idea of doing our pre-wedding photoshoot at Faroe Islands through Jane Lee. It turned out to be one of the most memorable trips we have done! Jane captured our moments and emotions beautifully - we smile every time we look at our pictures.On a side note, Jane is a fun traveling companion and always up for interesting ideas, like hiking at 5am to catch the sunrise, booty dancing in the mountains and exchanging vows in a sleepy village.Highly recommended - especially for destination weddings!
Eddie Chang
Eddie Chang
03:34 27 Feb 19
Oh Jane, how do I even begin. For her service, Jane was professional, respectful, passionate, and such a go-getter. She knew exactly what she was doing, and we had no problem letting her guide us and set the mood for all of our shoots (and that's saying a lot since my wife and I are both control freaks). And exceeding all our expectations, the photos we received were magic - straight out of our fondest daydreams and more.As for her photographer persona, Jane was amiable through and through, laughing along with the wedding party, talking to our parents like they were relatives, and honestly to an outsider just looked like she was a good friend doing us a huge favor on our wedding day. In every way, she made us feel at home, and that we thought was the key to her success in capturing every intimate moment perfectly.Jane is amazing, and as reluctant as we are to share this gem with the world, we wish new couples out there can experience the joy and excitement Jane has to offer through her craft. Again, if magic is what you're looking for, she's the one!
Evelyn Chua
Evelyn Chua
10:08 30 Jul 18
Jane is quick to respond, and really fun to hang around. The first time we met her just to chat about our wedding, we ended up spending a couple of hours just talking and having fun because my hubby shared a common interest with her on film photography!Fast forward a few months, we got Jane to shoot our wedding ceremony & luncheon. The one thing we always tell our on-a-budget engaged friends is "Never skimp on the photographer". We were on a super tight budget but photos that Jane gave us - she is worth every penny. :) For us, it was especially meaningful because Jane did not only capture our wedding and the union of our lives, but she also captured the special little family moments that make us cry looking back at the photos. She got all the shots that we didn't even think that we needed! Our parents had 2 other typical Chinese reception dinners - and in each we both said - "we wish they got Jane Lee as well".
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