Best of Twenty Seventeen

Hello there. I am Jane Lee.

I am a wedding and engagement photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. That is the main capital city in Malaysia.

I have been shooting weddings for the past six years now. Lately, I am falling in love with film photography and started to test them with the new film cameras I bought.

I still shoot alone. Most of the time. It is unusual here, but I try not to let that come in my way.

Time flies.

I don’t know how that happened.

Was it because of my determination?

As the year comes to an end….. Yes, I have finally compiled the couple photos from last year 2017.

It’s been a mind blowing, crazy and wonderful kind, and an emotional year. I wish I could write down all the experiences and feelings I received from each of every couples that had came into my portraiture journey. All are unique and one of the kind, they bring different meanings..  but in the end they all came to one same reason, how they treasure each other – love.

I hope you like the video and the music I put with it. It is my favourite.

In the last few pictures of the video was one of the bride and her mom holding on their grandma that is sick. Everyone was happy pouring chinese tea for their family members outside but when we’re in that room, everything was just quiet and sad. Grandma must be really proud and happy actually, Nicola.

Her grandma passed a few weeks after.

Another bride recently asked me, why do I like photography. I told her because we all just afraid to be forgotten after death. That is why I want to freeze those moments.

Being human and alive is wonderful. Please appreciate that and show that all to your love ones.

Thank you, Love.

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