Thank you, 2018

Hello love birds.

Here I am posting the final video I have made in the mid of 2019. They are all the lovebirds that I’ve met and photographed last year in 2018. Feeling playful here and wanted something different than the previous year’s slides so I experimented with some footages in between all the fun sessions :)

2018 is still great. And wiser. It is even more better now in 2019. Traveled so much and I haven’t been posting a lot in the social media. It’s a sign of too busy with life I guess, and trying to spend lesser time on the media.

Thank you, 2018 and all of you lovebirds that came to me, trusted in me. You guys are magic. As always, I’ll tell every of you to be yourself, embrace those moments and be excited what’s coming for you and your love ones.

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