Destination Wedding in GOA | Jeff & Tagirem | INDIA

I slept with the bride, Tagirem. 

On the night before she got married. Her soon to be husband Jeff was just right next door.

Everything seems a little weird when I got there. I almost got denied to board the flight transit in Bangalore. I forgot my credit card and the immigration asked too many questions. I have been shooting continuously before that and had only little rest. Super excited to meet Jeff and Tagirem, who found me through Instagram, and everything seems unreal when Tagirem said she like me to shoot her wedding in Goa. I have been to India, but not Goa yet. I have never shot an Indian wedding before too, moreover it’s going to be in India! Double excitements! Tagirem is from Spain, Jeff is from India who both actually based overseas, oh cross cultural, triple excitesss!!!

Everything seems different even more when Tagirem and I going door to door to find out who is her makeup artist, just the night before the wedding. You know the weddings back here in KL are so much like a template – like a full itinerary of all every little single details written on a paper sheet, but here, was different. I did asked for the itinerary but Tagi and Jeff were kinda chill about it. Me too. I didn’t want to have expectations and it helps me to focus more on the real stuffs that is happening. Then, I slept the same room with the bride on the night before her wedding, that is a little strange for me but still awesome! On the next day, we makeshift the hall’s walkway to look like a room while Tagi gets ready there. Everything was kinda freestyle, no stress no fuss. I like how this goes! 

The wedding ceremony was held in a very beautiful old heritage church, Basilica of Bom Jesus. We got out from the bridal car and since the church is open to public, it was a little difficult to handle the crowd. I still like how this goes haha! Everyone marched in the same time before the ceremony, which is also something new for me.

The lunch reception (Vivanta by Taj), with all the super amazing Indian dishes, oh my, I couldnt stop eating even I’m on a diet woops. Sorry guys, the truth is that even I’m on a job, I am always the first to head for the food. With food means no hangry Jane and you’ll get awesome pictures too haha. After awhile, Mommy Jeff came to me and said it’s time for the bride to change, requested me to tag along with all the ladies to the hotel room. I have no idea what was going on as this is so different for me and boy, thank god I was there to witness everything! And then the dance – it’s true that Indians can really dance in a wedding, and never stop! Even without alcohol! It was such a happy moment :) Thank you, Jeff and Tagirem, for putting all your trust in me and to be there with you guys. You guys are the best!!! 

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