Destination Wedding Queenstown & Arrowtown | Cam & Eva | New Zealand

Few years back when I just started, I did an online interview where one question asked what I am hoping to do next with wedding photography. Unsure of my future goals, I said perhaps I will venture more on traveling and destinations weddings. Not knowingly, I am already slowly progressing and leading into the path that I dreamed of doing.

It’s been 7 years. Seeing different faces and witnessing all kind of love in different moments and places. It is an amazing feeling and the best thing to experience in the whole wide world.

Here’s a wedding I’ve shot for Cam and Eva in Queenstown back in May. One originally from the Kiwi, the other from China whom both based in the Kiwi. New Zealand.. Every time I return it just blew my mind with it’s locations. The wedding in Stoneridge Estate is just simple and beautiful. The weather is perfect. Cam and Eva were both super chillax on the day and even on the next day where 3 of us did a short drive to Arrowtown for a post couple portrait session. We passed by a post office where they both bought postcards and write to each other of how they felt. I love what Cam wrote to her even though I noticed how shy Cam is in every photo session. And here’s what he wrote to her:


We got married yesterday.

Everybody asked if I was nervous.

But I wasn’t, I knew everything was gonna be ok with you.”

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