Where are you located?
I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Do you travel?
Yes! I will travel just about anywhere in the world. The more remote the better! I am more than happy to travel to join you on your big day.


What is the best light to photograph in?
Natural light is a very important element in photography. For weddings, I always suggest getting ready in a bright and a naturally lit room. I also suggest sneaking away for a bit during the hour leading up to sunset to get some nice warm photographs and to spend a bit of time alone together. As for engagements, the best lighting will be early morning right after sunrise, and during evening sunsets.


How long does it take to get our images?
Delivery of images will take around TWO months.


How many images will I receive?
I won’t hold your memories ransom. You can expect to receive 500+ images during a wedding day or 100+ for engagement sessions. Every wedding and engagement is different so there is no fixed quantity.


Do you edit the image?
Yes! All images will be edited and no raw image will be given.


Do you bring backup gear?
Yes, of course!


Do you work in a team?
As I prefer shooting the non traditional weddings, I shoot alone most of the time. But if the crowd is huge then hiring one more photographer will be helpful.


What about Videography?
No! Only photography.


Do you provide makeup services as well as wedding gowns?
Unfortunately no, but I don’t mind passing some contacts to you or you can view my favourite vendors page.


What about prints like photo books?
All sessions will receive a complimentary 30 pieces of 4R printed images and the rest of the soft copies will be provided in a USB thumb drive. As for the rest of the images you will have to print them on your own.


We love what we see! Now what?
Great! Please send a message through the contact page or write me an email. We can Skype or meet and chat in person just about anywhere. For me to capture the best images, it’s really important that we mesh well.


When should I reserve?
At least 6 months in advance or a year, well the earlier the better! My calendar is always moving. To reserve, a 50% retainer and a signed agreement will be required.

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