Faroe Islands | Destination Session | Casey & WJ | Part Two

I am super stoked to be finally sharing part two of Casey and Wan Jing’s pre-wedding destination session in Faroe Islands and it was all kind of epic. We connected through online and met once back in Kuala Lumpur and I simply suggested to make a visit to Faroe Islands during summer, immediately they agreed and making it all happening! I spent an unforgettable time and clearly enjoying with these two incredible people in this perfect place on earth. Casey is a very thoughtful man that didn’t mind waking up the earliest to prepare yummy breakfast to fill up everyone’s tummy everyday before heading out exploring the beautiful mountain and taking photos together. And WJ,(oh guess what? Her name is Jane too!) is the sweetest person who just laugh and giggle at everything! She caught a bad flu because of the weather (wore thin clothings all the time oops) but still looking all mighty and ready to hike a mountain! Oh we did hike a little bit which you can see them here in Part One. They also read their love for each other in one of the session and it was such a happy one. I am very glad and feeling so lucky being there for them to document their love in Faroe Islands. 

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