Chinese Wedding Day | Karlxen + Joee

 “Here’s to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems.”


Last year, I felt a lot of tense and was very hard on myself.

This year, I told myself to not bother those anymore, just do the best I can and what I’m good at, like how I started before.

It is like the quote above that I found online, I am beginning to like alcohol more now. Not that I don’t before, it is more like, Don’t be hard on yourself, just drink and chill.

Yes, alcohol are the best medicine. I do encourage couples to have a glass or two during sessions or even on the wedding day. Just like Karlxen & Joee. I didn’t ask them to drink but they were already one of them who loves drinking, including both of their families (Who else served alcohol only during their tea ceremony?!) I took their casual couple session months before and they showed me a video of them drinking and drunk the night before the session (I love that!) and on their wedding day, they had another drinking session the night before so that day was just classic. Joee, the bride was extremely relax and happy most of the time (she took a quick short nap in the morning haha), and everyone else was just so chillax. The connection of this wedding is perfect – because there were trust in between us. I didn’t have to photograph the usual stuff like hanging gowns, rings etc. I was allowed to just stick with candid and journalism whenever I could – Just be myself. Thank you Joee and Karlxen, for trusting in me, because of you guys I have found myself again.

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