Destination Wedding Auckland | Johnny + Jillian | New Zealand

Ever since that I decided to get into destination weddings, I’ve been really lucky enough to get hired overseas. I don’t travel that much when I was younger, and you probably won’t even believe me because it is my first time traveling to Europe last year, Barcelona, London, Scotland, Paris, Provence… That feeling when you’re able to afford your own flight tickets and travel solo is just.. wonderful! And earlier this year, I flew to New Zealand to photograph Johnny and Jillian’s beautiful wedding. It’s my first time again! The wedding is small and intimate and brings all close friends and family together for just one same reason, that happy celebration for Johnny & Jillian. I like how everything was so random and easy going. Everyone was just so happy it’s not hard for me to miss them! And the weather there is just perfect. Thank you universe, for bringing me these lovely couple and everything that had happened to me. After the wedding, I drove alone down to south, did a 15000ft skydive in Wanaka. I love my job.

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