Backpacking in Sekinchan

“That’s the place to get to — nowhere. One wants to wander away from the world’s somewhere, into our own nowhere.”

My job is different from what I do, I might be the one taking photos but at the same time, I’m in the role of a special doctor that give couples therapy through photograph sessions. I am also little bit like a detective and a story-teller.

Working as a professional and in the medical firm Kit and Wen, it is different when we first met. We had so much to talk about, about their backpack travelings experienced to Tibet and story of how they knew each other at a place where I always go to. It is amazing that when couple like them came to me and letting me create something based on their true story and their true self. Inspired by my all time favourite movies Into The Wild and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, then I thought of creating something genuine to them.

“This is the moment that I am waiting for,” said Wen.

Why? I asked.

“With our backpacks,” she replied.

It was drizzling and the road is wet as well as Wen’s damped hair. This is the best scene I am witnessing and still couldn’t believe while Kit drink on his beer. There’s one moment that Kit & Wen did not say a thing at all, standing to each other by the road. A car drove passed, Wen leaned on quietly and they had a kiss.

It was real.

Photographer : Jane Lee
Make up & Hair : Shary Ho
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