Elopement Session in Scotland | Man Hon + Sze

Last year, I flew to Edinburgh to meet up with Man Hon and Sze whom flew there from Singapore. The couple wanted to reminisce their trip traveling in Scotland back then while they were still friends but now came back as a couple. They tried to find the same camper van they drove before but to no avail so they booked this cute van instead. It is my first time traveling to Scotland, as well as in this camper van. We traveled down south instead of north, we were together for a week. A week like I wasn’t there to work but more like a relax trip and at the same time I document their love for each other. Man Hon is a good cooker, he prepared most of the food for us. We went to so many places including hypermarkets where I took some candid photos, well, I took a lot of pictures in this trip! I did not even post them all here. This is the best trip ever. I love to travel so much that I would do anything for it, get in touch with me if you’re planning for a long trip. Trust me and I’ll be your eyes to capture those happy memories.

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