More than Just a Prewedding Shoot in Kuala Lumpur

“Do you wanna hang out?” 


“Maybe for the rest of our lives.”

Yes, it was just a pre-wedding photo session with Quin and Alex.

Shooting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, can be quite challenging. The weather feels like summer year-round, making it hard to get perfect shots without sweating and messing up hairstyles. But sometimes, we get beautiful sunsets that make it worth it. The city is bustling, hugging and kissing may seem an odd thing to do in public here..These are obstacles, but I try to adapt.

Their poses were simple; the photos weren’t like ad posters, but capturing the genuine connection between Quin and Alex made it special.

Both of them came to me at noon, and we went to a nice villa they had booked. Kudos to them for making the effort. We checked in, Alex changed, and Quin showed me a bag of junk food—well-prepared for the session. Quin’s cute pouts and tone made me realize she was comfortable with me.

Building trust is essential. I’ve learned this from photographing many couples. There’s a warm-up period during the first 5-10 minutes, and I add surprises sometimes, like asking them to write letters to each other. Quin teared up reading her letter to Alex, a beautiful moment I captured like a ninja.

I saw a huge connection between them, an effort to be lovers, soulmates, lifelong partners. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, like being a love psychologist.

They had custom rings and saw them for the first time that day. We did a little ring exchange ceremony, which was lovely. I finally found a couple with fingers as cute as mine, haha!

Both were super relaxed, had minimal expectations, and gave me all the creative freedom. A friend once said couples who follow my suggestions tend to have lasting love. Watching them laughed together and embraced the awkward moments—which I find it sweet and heartwarming.

So, do you still think this is just some pre-wedding photos? There’s certainly more than that.

Location: Daunretreats Kozu

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