Raman & Judy | Heartfelt Prewedding Photography in Bali

“I believed in the kind of love that doesn’t demand me to prove my worth & sit in anxiety. I crave a natural connection where my soul is able to recognize a feeling of home in another. Something free flowing, something simple. Something that allow me to be me without question.”

I am sharing this series of story I took of Raman and Judy we had in Bali few months ago. I haven’t really met them before except a video conference call as they were both from America. I showed up without expectations and did my thing just photographing along the way and giving time to them. Raman & Judy were both so relax and just being themselves all the time. Judy thought they were being cheesy but I absolutely love everything about them and even inspired me to take some video footages. One single hand held camera with only one lens is not easy to capture both photos and videos at the same time as well as getting all those real emotions from them. But then I told myself that not all are meant to be capture so I’ll just let them be without interrupting because there were a lot of beautiful touching moments. I love the sound of the heavy waves as well as the beautiful sunset that sets the mood. We ended the scene with some crazy rolling action around the sea shore which got me a little worried as we might get pull into the sea then who would save my camera haha. Capturing video footages is a new fond of mine recently so I wish to get more videos done in the future. I hope you like this version and the photos as much as I do :)


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