Cross Cultural Wedding Penang | Tom & Ciaee | Seven Terraces Malaysia

Bridesmaids wore in black Рchecked. A reverse gatecrashing, bride who play the games instead Рchecked. Crying guests and couple Рchecked. Awesome food Рchecked. Everything not so traditional without following the rules 100% Рchecked. Funny couple Рchecked!

I photographed Tom and Ciaee’s wedding ceremony (whom both came from San Francisco) here in Seven Terraces, Penang just last month. Tom is extremely funny all the time sometimes I don’t really know how to handle please let me know what I should do haha (just being myself I am always awkward) The day was hot and humid, but nothing stop them all from having fun and also myself continuously taking their photos right in front of their faces ALL THE TIME. I felt I’m so annoying but hey, just let me do my job and I love that :)

Thank you Tom and Ciaee, for making me feeling like one of your guest and witness all these in a day. I am forever grateful.

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