Loving Prewedding Session Sekinchan | Hooi + Chern

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favourite day,” said Pooh.”

Before weddings, I have not photograph any couples before. I started off taking some products photos on a live model by organising the whole shooting-work-flow. Then, it became more like a hobby. A friend asked me to join him for a wedding just for fun, I am glad that I did. Looking at where I am now, it is luck. I am always lucky, all the time. Well, sometimes not really lucky but I am still happy that at least I have tried. I am happy that couples that came to me and put their trust on me. And listens to what I said.  Hooi & Chern both is the nicest couple that I know, they let go of everything and arranged for a road trip to have their engagement photos taken as soon after we met.  A week later few days before the trip, Chern called in and said Hooi need to be admitted to the hospital for observation due to dengue. So our arrangement was postponed. I got worried about them and kept on telling myself calmly, maybe this is fate.. 2 weeks later, we are back on our road trip planning to Sekinchan.

“My fiancée said that she doesn’t look good in photos. Sigh..if only she could see how pretty she is.” said Hooi in his first email.

This hits me. What a good content. It got me. It got me straight to the point that I like to find out more about this girl, so much about this girl that her fiancee need to talk her out and she, who does not find beauty in herself.

Then I met Chern. Who likes to talk and giggles all the time in front of my camera. This is not right, I told myself. She love to laugh! How can someone who loves to smile so much will not look good in photos? I love photographing someone who giggles, silly laugh, or even making crazy big laughs, because these are just pure laughing gestures who doesn’t care how silly they look in real. To me, people who does not care how silly they look, are beautiful. The day is hot and the groom sweated a lot but laughing it off at the same time. The bride kept on wiping his sweat while making silly jokes on the ombre effect that he had made on his tee through sweat. We also had a few good meals and a good nap in between. The photo session ended really well and after that, Chern and I went to jumped on the trampoline just like little kids. I love this couple. And Hooi, you are right about her. She is beautiful. And you are so lucky :)

Photographer : Jane Lee
Make up & Hair : Shary Ho




















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